Sienna Browne is an artist currently in her fourth year of the Drawing and Painting BFA program at California State University, Long Beach. Aside from her art, Sienna is a beach lifeguard, middle school youth leader at Rock Harbor Church and Instructional Student Assistant for the art department at Long Beach State.


        She was first introduced to art as a child and hasn’t dropped the crayon since. Homeschooling during her early years allowed for creative expression without criticism. Middle and high school introduced Sienna to social pressures, bullying, perfectionism and exclusion. Through puberty and her young adult life, Sienna struggled with multiple eating disorders, the death of her father and the high demands of being a Christian student athlete and beach lifeguard. In college, she discovered the healing properties of creativity.


        Sienna uses her artistic practice as a way to work through obstacles in her past. By facing and re-experiencing past pain, Sienna is able to exorcise it and create something beautiful in its place. Her work often simultaneously attracts and disgusts viewers. Her practice combines aesthetic and compelling material handling with nauseating imagery and themes. A multimedia artist, Sienna uses sculpture, drawing, weaving, writing and painting to interpret her message.

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